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Dear customer:
How do you do!
    Thank you for your attention and support of Shandong Kaiyuan Electronic Co. ltd.. Very happy to share with you in the process of growing up in Kaiyuan electronic made remarkable achievements!
    The sea with its broad, cosmopolitan and into its vast; hill with thick, which has the final calendar vicissitudes. We are in the mountains, the deep sea is vast, integrity and pragmatic quality, professionalism, innovation style, the pursuit of excellence, to achieve leapfrog development of the spirit, for the realization of "international best brand, revitalize national industry" business goals, go out into the world to fight the market, to embrace a bright future.
    Ten years, my company hard, courageously fighting, in the field of optical electric conduction, heat dissipation of electronic devices to open up a new world. We are based on "entering the market has no basis", adhere to the "integrity as the foundation, innovation, professional development strategy for the fundamental", adhering to the "credibility of life, to scientific research as the guide, based on quality assurance" marketing concept in service, establish a good corporate image and reputation with a strong faith and perseverance, in the electronic radiator industry unique scenery.
    We would like the simplicity of mountain, the sea the same mind, make friends all over the world, and more willing to work with friends in the heart of India, the situation with the Department, and hand in hand, to create green wealth, and strive to create a happy business, side by side toward a glorious future of the motherland's modernization, we firmly believe, Shandong Kaiyuan Electronic Co., Ltd. will become international electronic radiator industry Extreme brand enterprise!


Address:Wenzhou Industrial Park, Changle County, Shandong


Mission:Create green wealth to build a happy enterprise

Core values:Customer value struggle is the focus of this

Four traits:Enthusiastic attention Houde innovation


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